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Jan, 2022

2021 Annual Report

The year 2021 proved to be another success for the Oostburg Athletic Association. We again were blessed with a large number of volunteers, a few big projects and a generous community.
In the Fall of 2020, the Village Crew razed the existing concession stand and the new cement slab was poured. The necessary roadwork and sewer connections were handled by the Village as well. The new concession stand was constructed in April. Jon Rogers Construction donated time and talents to erect the structure. Mike DePagter covered plumbing needs while Daane Electric handled all things electric. Sandy Van Ess was the general contractor working to coordinate everyone on a blueprint created by Chris Lewin. Jim Van Stelle spent a week working assorted tasks inside and out including installing siding that was donated by Nyhof Custom Gutter. Many other volunteers helped out with shingles, painting and whatever needed to be done. The project was co-sponsored by Oostburg State Bank and Optimum Crush.
After the baseball season in the fall, there was a significant amount of cement added around the stand including a ramp to the sidewalk. The Village DPW laid sod around the stand and everything was 100 percent complete long before the first frost. An accessible bathroom, running water and room for storage have made this small addition to the Park a big success. The OAA looks forward to utilizing this building for decades to come.
The temporary home run fence proved to be an eyesore and a nuisance as it has in the past. A permanent home run fence has been ordered and funding has been secured through approval from the Village Board. Installation will be completed in Spring and will include a gate in the center for access to the field during August Fest.
Although the boys 7th and 8th grade teams were not in the championship game, Oostburg was given the honor of hosting the Mid-Shore championship game, the concession stand proved to be very useful and the OAA had its first time selling beer.
Look forward to a new double wide batting cage to be installed in 2022.
Dirkse Park has turned out to be a popular location for games, so much in fact that additional parking was needed. Oostburg Concrete graciously offered some land just North of Dirkse Park. Joel Van Ess drafted a plan and Damon Huibregtse used his excavation equipment to complete the job. The Village Crew painted a crosswalk and hung signs. Per the request of a resident on Minnesota Avenue, the Village Board changed the speed limit to 25 from 35. Many days in between games the lot is still overflowing with spectators' cars.
It has proven that the later a game at Dirkse Park gets in the evening, the more dangerous the outfield is. Damon Huibregtse helped to erect 2 poles in the outfield and Detroye Electric will install lights in the Spring of 2022. In order to help pay for the lights and additional projects, a fence sponsorship program was created. 18 local companies participated and purchased signs to hang on the fence for 10 years with the first full year being 2022.
Nyhof Custom Gutter, UBS, Luedtke Electric, Gibbsville Implement, Ongna Wood Products, Pine River Pre-pack, Oostburg Concrete, Third Coast Financial, Oostburg State Bank, Flipse Insurance, Detroye Electric, Oostburg Lumber, Mike Depagter Plumbing, Bitter Neumann, Dirkse & Huibregtse, American Family Insurance, Daane Electric and Mentinks Market.
A total of 298 youth athletes from K-8 participated in baseball or softball in some way. with the OAA. The older children’s uniforms continue to be sponsored jointly by Oostburg State Bank and Oostburg Lumber. The Fundamental leagues had 9 sponsors come forward to purchase t-shirts for the youth athletes. Pine River Pre-Pack, Mentink’s Market, Oostburg Financial Services, Judi’s Place, Nyhof Custom Gutter, Complete Water, FIRE Gym, Fuel Nutrition, Third Coast Financial, and Pizza Ranch.
Fundamental Baseball 61 Fundamental Softball 28 Incredi-ball 53
Softball 51 - 4 teams Boys 105 - 8 teams
At the start of the Fall soccer season, Oostburg had left the YMCA organized league and partnered with the Sheboygan United Football Club. This meant a few changes in team size and field size. It also means we will no longer have to find referees or line the fields, resulting in more time for volunteers to concentrate on the actual game. Chris Wolfert’s term as President over soccer has come to an end in December and a replacement is to be named.
Jim Batzner continues to lead the football organization and the athletes had a great time playing. Concessions had a few new faces as Terrie VanStelle is stepping down. Tabitha Weavers and Deb Hacker coordinated the stand in order to have food ready for hungry fans.
Volunteers and Sponsors are what makes this organization keep running. Thank you to all the parents who helped coach teams, drove to countless games, jumped in the concession stands, or even made baked goods.
Terrie VanStelle coordinated a group of parents to be oncall leads for concessions at every home game across both parks, it went very well. Terrie is going to take a step back after 8 fun filled years and Nikki Mills has volunteered to help out.
It was great to have volunteer grillers to make burgers and brats before each and every game. Ralph Bruggink, Bruce Mentink and Bruce Nyenhuis were extremely dependable through the baseball season. The OAA was proud to partner with Mentink’s Market. Jay Mentink donated burgers for the entire season. We honestly lost count of how many packs of Blue Ribbon burgers were grilled. Jay Mentink has pledged to provide burgers again for 2022 and 2023, please thank him if you see him.
Julie Bruggink has always been goto when it involves registration, the OAA is looking to find someone to help replace this role at the end of the baseball season and a candidate could learn a lot from her in the next few months.
The OAA Board Members are unchanged going into 2022.
Jason Townsend -President, Jim VanStelle -VP, Ian Behm -Treasurer, Travis Krell -Secretary.
Please watch for some exciting things we are working on for 2022 including:
-Batting Cages for both baseball parks
-Permanent home run fence for Veterans Park
-Flag pole for Dirkse Park in partnership with the American Legion.
-Lights shining from the outfield at Dirkse Park
The OAA would like to thank the entire community that supports this organization.
Respectfully submitted,
The OAA Board members, Jason, Jim, Ian and Travis.
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